Paleo/Keto/Gluten-Free Meal Plan:

Provided by wellness coach Ashley VenHuizen.

: 3 pieces Arnold's bacon. In the bacon fat, fry or scramble 3 or 4 farm fresh eggs. Serve topped with micro greens and/or over a bed of spinach from Fieldview Farm.

Lunch: Lunch in a Jar - add Arnold’s chicken breast or hard boiled eggs.
Or- Protein yogurt bowl: 1 cup yogurt, stir in 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder. Handful of fresh berries, 1/4 cup Paleo Crunch, top with a drizzle of honey and or nut butter.

Snack: yogurt bowl. 1/2 cup of any of our delicious yogurts. Top with handful fresh berries and 1/4 cup Paleo Crunch.
Or- 3 oz Arnold’s summer sausage,  1 oz cheese, 1/4 cup Bistro Mix
Or- 4 TBSP hummus, handful nuts, fresh raw veggies.

Dinner: 1 grass-fed Arnold’s beef patty, or lamb patty. Sheet pan roasted root veggies with extra virgin olive oil and any of our great seasoning blends.


Vegan Meal Plan:

Provided by Susan Barg, certified nutrition and wellness consultant.

:  Breakfast Bowl using oatmeal or cold cereal as your base. Top with fresh or frozen fruits. Optional: small handful of nuts or dried fruit and plant based milk.

Lunch: Veggie Wrap using a whole grain or gluten free wrap with JDLF Hummus, greens, micro greens and veggies.

Dinner: Protein Bowl using rice, quinoa, or greens as a base; add lentils or black beans, sautéed veggies, sweet potato and 4 ounces of cubed baked tofu. Serve with BraggLiquid Aminos or soy sauce, a squeeze of lime and topped with 1/2 avocado wedges and fresh parsley or cilantro.