Chicken - Buy 4 Small Fryers, Get 5th Free

Producer: Arnold's Farm

Category: Meat & Seafood

Order "1" for each 5 birds. You are paying for the weighted average of 4 birds at regular price per lb. with a 5th one included at no charge. Sizes average from 1.75# - 2.5#. Each chicken will make an excellent meal for 1 or 2 people. Also great for soup stock.


Antibiotic Free Frozen Hormone Free Local Naturally Grown Pasture Raised Sustainable Practices

Available At These Locations

Apple River | Elizabeth | Galena | Hanover | Stockton | Savanna | Apple Canyon Lake | Galena Territory

Available Items

$4.30 per Pound
Size: 9.050 Cost: $38.92
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